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Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Business Promotion provides a single location where we can meet all of your online business and marketing needs. From web design, company branding, and appointment reminders to SEO (search engine optimization), internet marketing, and social media, we have you covered. You may have noticed that many other companies will offer you just one type of service - they will offer social media management, or internet/SEO marketing services.

Business Promotion is different because we offer you all of these services under one roof. You will have a single point of contact for making changes to your website, updating your social media pages, managing your internet marketing, and more. We make it simple to take charge of your online presence by giving you just one location for all of your needs.

For other businesses, a small promotional or brochure website may be the most they ever need. For example, professionals who offer a set of services that do not change over time. Another example is a company that has products or services for sale however, the website only acts as a marketing and lead generation tool on the Internet; actual selling is more effective by phone or in-person.

The most cost efficient development of a website for promotion will be when you have already determined what you want and how you want it presented. This includes company image, color schemes and content that will make up your site.

The focus of a business promotion website is to promote the products or services of a company. It may have some functionality for interaction with the user but does not exist to make transactions over the Internet. Selling over the Internet requires an eCommerce website design . In many cases the owner will want website optimization and website marketing at a basic level so that the website has potential to generate leads from the Internet as well as serve as a supporting resource for other marketing efforts.